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Assembly Instructions

Easily Assembled on Site

Assembly of the components of the Kayak launch is straightforward. obtain two top grade (smooth on both sides) 12 foot long cedar 2x4' s from a local lumber yard. Add a coat of water seal (Johnson's Water Seal or a similar product) to the 2x4's and allow to dry.

The railings have pegs welded to them. These pegs fit inside the outside support arms of the Kayak launch ,Insert the pegs into the outside support arms and fasten each peg with two 1/4 inch SS bolts (the shorter bolts included in the package) and nuts.

Download complete assembly instructions

Clamp the water-sealed 2x4`s to the bottom of the ribs so that the holes in the rib bottoms line up with the center of the 2x4`s at each rib.

Drill a 1/4 inch hole using a spade bit inserted through the holes in the bottom of the ribs of the Kayak launch, drilling completely through the 2x4`s clamped to the ribs. Work from the bottom of the ribs.  

Using a 3/4 inch spade bit, enlarge the holes in the top side of the 2x4's making the enlarged hole deep enough to countersink the washer and bolt head so that they cannot touch the kayak when placed in the Kayak launch.

Tighten the self-locking nuts on the bolts fastening the 2x4's to the ribs of the Kayak launch , using two 7/16th inch wrenches. The washers and bolt heads are countersunk on the top of the 2x4's and the self-locking nuts are tightened against the bottom of the aluminum rib.

The Kayak launch is now complete except for attachment to the dock. Place the Kayak launch upside down on the dock with the pieces of flat bar attached to the inside arms of the cradle and placed where they are to be attached to the dock.

Pre-drill holes through the holes in the pieces of aluminum flat bar and into the dock. Fasten the pieces of flat bar to the dock using the 3/8" ss lag bolts (3" or 2" long depending on the thickness of the wood to which the cradle is being attached).

Once it has been fastened to the dock, the launch can be rotated into the water ready for use.

Download complete assembly instructions

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In house
Manufacturing process

We have strict standards when it comes to our manufacturing process, and never settle for less. We manufacture all of our products "in house" at our facility , and origin of shipping , in Snohomish Washington , this allows us to keep our quality of manufacturing at the highest possible level .

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With the purchase of the Dockside Kayak Launch
You will never again have to worry about you , or your loved ones safety again !  Your days will be filled with stress and worry free memories of all your loved ones , enjoying your favorite water sport.

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* Engineered and designed by Richard Holmes *
Senior family member

 * He truly was pleased with his creation , and the freedom it allows people of all sizes and ages too enjoy one of his favorite passions "

* Designed in the Canadaian North *
100% family made in the USA
" From our family , to yours "

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precision rolled

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zero margin for error

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family run

impeccable quality

precision tooling

consistant quality

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The original dockside kayak launch

" often imitated , never duplicated "

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