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" We believe our kayak launch is the best product on the market for safely and easily launching
and exiting your kayak or canoe "

The dockside kayak launch is designed for getting into and out of kayaks and canoes more easily and more safely. If you fear capsizing when getting into or out of your kayak or canoe, and you own or have access to a dock, the dockside kayak launch is for you !

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  • The material from which it is made (aluminum pipe, iron pins, ss nuts and bolts) is much more durable than the materials used in many competitive products. There are no moving parts to wear out, and there is no soft or flimsy material used, so that the life expectancy of the launch is much longer than for other competitive products.

  • Very little maintenance is required.

  • The fact that the launch is rotated up onto the top of the dock when it is not in use means that it does not get beat up by rough water. Competitive products which stay in the water beside the dock are inevitably deteriorated by stormy weather.

  • The dockside kayak launch has several advantages over competitive products. It is easily moved and stored for winter compared to heavier and more bulky products. It is very durable, being made primarily from aluminum pipe and stainless steel nuts and bolts. It has a much longer life-span than products made from less durable material or products with moving parts. It is also easier to use than products that require the user to navigate a steep incline from the water to the top of the dock.

  • Competitive products which launch the kayak from the top of the dock have the difficult problem of getting the kayak back to the top of the dock from the water. With the dockside kayak launch it is a simple matter to navigate the kayak into or out of the launch.

  • Lifts are available but they are expensive, and the moving parts result in a much shorter life expectancy. Lifts are also inconvenient to have to use every time you decide to go kayaking.

  • When it comes to winter storage, the launch is easily detached from the dock and requires much less storage space than many competitive products. The launch is light being made primarily from aluminum. It can be transported from the dock to winter storage by one man.

  • The launch is tailor-made to suit the launching of a kayak or canoe from your particular dock. To manufacture your launch, we must obtain 2 pieces of information:

  •  the distance from the top of the dock to the water  ​

  • whether it will attached to the left side or righjt side of your dock , looking out at the water

Order your Dockside kayak launch today

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* Designed and tested in the Canadian North *
proudly  100% Amercan made
"From our family to yours "

Our kayak or canoe launch will extend your ability to safely enjoy your love of kayaking or canoeing well into your senior years !!

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